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on our website you will find valuable information and products about Bioresonance and TENS therapy. We provide and recommend the Diamond Shield Zapper or the TENS-Device of M. Frischknecht: Quick Zap.

Additionally you will find on our pages over 100 specially-programmed Chipcards for all zapper.

You will also find on our sites important accessory for Hulda Clark and Dr. Rife therapies. Recent research in the well-known medical practitioner A. Baklayan, Dr. J. Mauermann and C. Riemann complete our offer.

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01.05.2018 21:03 | Comments 0
From the Book "Gentle Therapy with Biofrequency" from A. Baklayan: Additional measures to support the treatment I am consistently convinced of the effectiveness of the Diamond Shield more ...
24.02.2015 22:49 | Comments 0
The next generation of Electronic Frequency Therapy We are on the verge of a revolution in Zapper technology, as possible applications have reached the the next level. If you have more ...