Additional measures to support the Frequency therapy treatment
2018-05-01 21:03:00 / News / Comments 0

From the Book "Gentle Therapy with Biofrequency" from A. Baklayan:

Additional measures to support the treatment

I am consistently convinced of the effectiveness of the Diamond Shield frequency technology and its positive effects. Nonetheless at first there can be certain light consequences as reactions to some of the applications of the Diamond Shield like headaches, tiredness or fatigue and in some cases, a temporally initial aggravation of the symptom will become noticeable. These reactions appear in cooperation with the initiated detoxification process of your body during the treatment. This can be clearly demonstrated by the experience in practice. The now vacant toxins can primarily overcharge the self-regulation of the body. Especially for multi-allergic people and patients who suffer from extreme over acidification, such signals of the body can be shown. 

  1. Reduce the duration of the treatment and begin for example with a treatment period of three times 60 seconds. Increase this time only very moderately. 
  2. Take actions fort the deacidification of your body.
  3. Support the process set in motion by the therapy by drinking at least two liters of water every day. I recommend a high impedance water for example Plose or Osmosis water.
  4. Try to stimulate all ways of excretion through which the toxins can be channeled out of your body.
  5. Pay attention to your daily bowel movement. Support these irregularities through laxatives or enemas.
  6. Take a shower more often as usual to stimulate the excretion of toxins through the skin. 
  7. Move moderately until you realize that the sweat production begins.
  8. Perform a cleaning of the liver.

Please find a detailed instruction on the liver cleanse in the books “Parasites – the Hidden Cause of Many Diseases” and “Therapietipps und Hausrezepte aus der Praxis Baklayan”.