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including grounding/ earthing cable
  • 17 Zapper standard programs with 116 Clark-, Rife-, Beck-, Baklayan-, TENS-frequencies
  • including: Crystal program for deep regulation of all meridians
    (for owners of a diamond shield zapper this program is available as chipcard)Diamond Shield as a universal compensation and regulation application
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The new Diamond Shield Crystal Frequency Genrator and Zapper

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including grounding/earthing cable!

The technology:

  • Sweeping: to cover well directed all frequency ranges
  • Micro currents (up to 0,1 Voltage)
  • Constant current regulation: There is not difference if your skin is damp or dry, the device keeps the current flow continual and adjusts automatically.
  • Modulation: from double to 254 times modulation
  • Impulse - discharge: Due to pulse settling and unloading to earth the effectivity of all programs is three times higher.
  • Harmonical oscillation referring to Baklayan: Recreation and sense of well being on all levels.

What does the zapper?

You can use the zapper using the frequency-programs developed by Dr. Clark, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck and HP Baklayan. It can be used to control for the zappicator and for Plate Zapping, even with the 2-plate method according Baklayan. (Plates and auxiliary cables are available in our Shop.)
The zapper is thanks to its clear LCD display and the self-explanatory user interface easy to use.

In addition, the zapper is upgradeable for different desired applications. The Chipcards can be programmed by the therapist with the determined frequencies. Ready-programmed Chipcards are also available in our Shop.

In summary:

The Diamond Shield is a Zapper IE Clark Zapper, a Plate-Zapper, a Bloodzapper, Diamond Shield Zapper - and most importantly: it can play any individual program.
He is five devices in one!

New programs:

  • Crystal for deep regulation of all meridians
    (for owners of a diamond shield zapper this program is available as chipcard)Diamond Shield as a universal compensation and regulation application
  • Relaxation
  • Wellness
  • Back
  • Disease

Innovations coming with the new Diamond Shield Zapper:

  • Wobble
  • Sided wobble (programmable with Trikombin)
  • Micro currents (up to 0.1 volts)
  • Constant current control
  • Modulating: 2- to 254-fold modulation
  • Pulse discharge
  • by pulse setting and discharge into the earth the effectiveness of all programs is increased by 3 times.
  • Harmonic oscillations after Baklayan
  • Relaxation and well-being at all levels
  • Diamond Shield: The shield for your well-being
  • Regulation, harmonization, activation of all meridians in 8 minutes
  • Of the precursor programs all the frequencies are modulated and reinforced their effectiveness
  • Grounding (extra ground wire optional in our Shop)
  • Modulation playable
  • Modulation and continuously variable sweep in combination
  • Constant current measurement
  • Frequencies by Clark, Rife, Beck and Baklayan playable
  • frequencies up to 2 megahertz playable
  • Generating frequencies in the low frequency range up to 0.5 Hz Depth
  • up to 16 volts maximum voltage
  • Alert Beep can be switched of
  • All forerunners have been modulated by each frequencies and thus respective effectivity increased
  • Menu languages: German, English

Programs in the basic equipment:

  • 17 Zapper standard programs with 116 frequencies, including:
    • Clark programs 3 x 7 min,  with 20 min. Break; frequency 33.3 kHz
    • Duration Zapping 1 hour, Frequency 33.3 kHz (suitable for Plate Zapping)
    • Zappikator
    • Dr. Beck Bloodelectrification
    • Wellness Program
    • Relaxation program
    • Back program
    • "Diamond Shield" for balance and regulation therapy. Regulation, coordination, activation of all meridians within 6 minutes
    • Well being sense
    • Recreation
    • Golden Stream
    • flue, pain, cold program
    • Borrelioses

Scope of delivery:

  • Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper 
  • including grounding/ earthing cable
  • Metal Bracelet Cuffs
  • Electrode cable
  • 9V battery
  • Plastic case

Here you can read the brochure by A. Baklayan about the history and function of the frequency generator Diamond Shield Zapper IE: click

Information for users and therapists:

We explicitly point out that the zapper is not a substitute for a thorough treatment or therapeutic plan for serious illness or life-threatening conditions. Moreover, the effectiveness of bioenergetic treatments after conventional medicine has not been proven. We encourage you to read critical and make yourself a picture.

For more information about the background and nomenclature of Biofrequenztherapie and the possible applications of the zapper we recommend the book Gentle Healing with bio-frequencies of AE Baklayan.

Please note: Some of the statements made herein and the listed products are based on medical evidence, which are not recognized by the so-called conventional medicine.. The statements made indications and efficacy as well as scientific applications are therefore not generally accepted. The application of the products listed here does not replace treatment by a physician or medical practitioner.

Please speak with serious illnesses without consulting your doctor or therapist!

5 from 5 Good and improved version from the DS Zapper

With the crystal program with the zapper, it is convenient to have all the programs into one.

., 08.07.2019

The new Diamond Shield can wobble

Many  users  want to control not  only  single  frequencies, but have the ability to cover  frequency areas to achieve an even more intense effect.The Diamond  Shield  IE is able  to wobble, which  means  to cover  frequency areas  and to move  up and down these areas to get  the best  effects possible.

Especially  if you go to the Clark- or Rife- tables, this can be very important.

Impulse - Discharge with the Diamond Shield Zapper

What is a charge?

A charge is every  unprocessed burden or information on a physical, psychological (and further) levels.

Each charge has  to store itself  as a separate mini-field in the body  until it is processed and dissolved. The mini-field, situated in the tissue, is electromagnetic. Every environmental toxin the body  is exposed to and which  it cannot process is stored in tissue  or organs and produces a charge as well.
If you are  angry at someone and are  tensed up (charged) for example, it will also be stored in the tissue  until it gets processed. In our  modern consumer society, we  are  so overcharged at all levels that it will hardly be  possible to list all relevant items.

 Starting  with...
  • the flood of information via all forms of media
  • rapid changes in society
  • people worrying about the development of global economy for years
  • copious quantities of toxins, which  are  produced by the industries every  year
  • air pollution
  • water pollution
  • negative professional stress
  • high standards in terms of outward appearance, success, social and professional life
  • very high demands on modern relationships

The list is incomplete by far...
However, each and every  item listed produces more charges than nature has  ever  intended for  a  single human being.
Have we  ever paused to ask ourselves what  this means  for the psychological and physical  adaptability and regulation of our body?

Of course we cannot escape from all these influences as we live in this world, in this time and therefore have to cope with it.

Thus, the  solution must  and can only  be the Impulse - Discharge.

Therefore, all we need are two things: regular discharge and a functioning diamantine protective shield

What connects these two principles?
At this point, I need to let you in on one of the secrets of the marvel that is our body:
Every meridian transports and regulates all charges of an organ and so functions as an energetic representative and functional circle of said organ. It is the network that feeds everything and dispatches all that is superfluous. Thus, if we succeed in giving the meridian system the right IMPULSE by its own oscillations on a daily basis and DISCHARGE it at the same time , we will have obtained the desired results.

Think of the freshwater and wastewater system (meridian system) in a building which supplies it with fresh water and flushes all the dirt and scraps out into the sewers. If this system is heavily blocked and the usual methods just do not work anymore, the plumber has to use a shaker (Diamond Shield Zapper), which cleans the pipes by vibration. The dirt, chalk and much more that was shaken off the inner surface of the pipes is then transferred on to the sewers (soil). Only if the frequency matches exactly that of the material, can all dirt be removed. A frequency too high will not work and neither does a frequency too low (slow thumping).

Where does all the dirt (charges) go when it has been removed?
Well, where do all discharges of nature go to?


It's as easy as that.
Thus, all we need to do is let the meridians swing in their own frequency, meaning to let the Diamond Shield Zapper do its work:
  • In this way, all dirt within the body is removed and flushed out - IMPULSE -
  • and by earthing ourselves we can get rid of these charges - DISCHARGE -
Now all meridians can take up their nourishing and harmonising function again, stimulated by the frequencies of the Diamond Shield.

What is a zapper?
What does the zapper?
How do I use the zapper?
What is frequency therapy?
What's Plate Zapping?
How do I create the electrodes?
Where can I use the zapper?
Is there a tutorial for how to use the zapper?
How many programs does the Diamond Shield Zapper?
What's with the chip cards about?
What innovations are included in the Diamond Shield Zapper programs?
What is included with the Diamond Shield Zapper?
What should I look at the technical requirements for a zapper?
There is the Diamond Shield Zapper and the Professional - What difference?
What is the "Diamond diamond"?
Why do I need constant current control?
What are micro-currents?
What's Plate Zapping?

What is a zapper?
A zapper is a device for bio-energetic application according to Dr. Hulda Clark. It can be used for risk-free support from home, as well as to support the bioresonance therapy by experienced therapists. Developed by Dr. Clark Zapper model generates - completely harmless to humans - frequency patterns that energize the body and serves to balance and the regulation of the meridian system of the body (energetic structure).

What does the zapper?
You can use the zapper using the frequency-programs developed by Dr. Clark, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck and HP Baklayan. 17 major programs are included in the Diamond Shield Zapper and more are available at an extra available chip cards. He is also applicable with Plate Zapping and the 2-plate method according Baklayan. It is thanks to a clear LCD display is easy to handle and simple user interface and understandable for everyone.

How do I use the zapper?

General purpose application:
  • Close the manual or bracelet electrodes to
  • Insert the special plug into your wall outlet to be grounded.
  • Turn on the device
  • Select the program from the standard menu or from the smart card.
  • Start the program.
  • Adjust if necessary intensity.
  • After the program, you should, if possible, even for 50 min. Stay grounded.

What is frequency therapy?
The Electrical Frequency Therapy is a bioenergetic method. It fine electric currents are used with targeted frequencies to enhance the well-being and alleviate complaints here.

What's Plate Zapping?
In normal zapping fine streams with specific frequencies either cuffs at the wrists or hand-electrodes are passed through the body. When Plate Zapping an additional metal plate is not interposed in the feeding current path to the appropriate vials or substances - can be placed - acting as a filter.

How do I create the electrodes?
The zapper has either two stainless steel electrodes, which is taken up in the hands, bracelet or two electrodes.
For special applications (TENS pain therapy) there are also silicone electrodes, eg for the back.
In case of problems below the navel, the electrodes can be also applied to the soles of the feet.

Where can I use the zapper?
Quite simply from home! With its space-saving design and ultra ease of use absolutely every possibility has a Diamond Shield Zapper to get home. Through his bracelet electrodes of the Diamond Shield Zapper can also be used in the comfort while sitting jobs (because of the ground wire). And because it is so handy and easy, it can also be easily taken anywhere without being a burden, also eg for walking, and can be very useful when traveling.

Is there a tutorial for how to use the zapper?
Thanks to its clear display and its ease of use the zapper is easy to handle. However, those who want to penetrate a little deeper into the matter and would like about the need for discharge and the energy meridians of our system, which must be kept in balance learn more, found in AE Baklayans "Gentle Healing with harmonics" a useful source of information.

Information on the use of the available chip card programs, see the eBook "Gentle Therapy with bio-frequencies"

How many programs does the Diamond Shield Zapper?
There are already 17 major programs in the Diamond Shield Zapper included, with a total of 116 frequencies:

Clark, Rife-, Beck, Baklayan frequencies

Furthermore, it is possible to separately available ChipCards many other programs to purchase for specific applications or personally created by the therapist and apply it to chip card programmed programs.

What's with the chip cards about?
In addition to the already considerable, existing ships with 17 pre-installed programs at the Diamond Shield Zapper IE, you can also purchase an extra chip cards with which you can even still expand its treatments. They are also available in our webshop.

Information on the use of the available chip card programs, see the eBook "Gentle Therapy with bio-frequencies".

What innovations are included in the Diamond Shield Zapper programs?
  • Pulse-discharge (soothing earth)
  • Sweeping (this means that not only a single frequency is controlled, but it has the
  • Opportunity to cover whole area)
  • Micro currents (up to 0.1 volts) for supporting or regulatory programs
  • Diamond Shield: The shield for your health
  • Constant current control
  • Modulating: 2- to 254-fold modulation
  • Harmonic oscillations after Baklayan

What is included with the Diamond Shield Zapper?
  • The Diamond Shield Zapper IE
  • Metal Bracelet Cuffs
  • Electrode cable
  • 9V battery
  • Plastic case

What should I look at the technical requirements for a zapper?

  • Basically, a zapper from 0.1 to 16 volts in small steps should be adjustable.
  • A zapper should have integrated the entire frequency spectrum of the Rife- and Clark frequencies.
  • The frequencies must be stable and must produce only a small, so-called "jitter" ("wobble").
  • It must be ensured that the zapper produces a pure square wave with a positive offset.
  • Induction coils can not be incorporated in this therapeuthischen device under any circumstances!
  • Grounding and pulse discharge already put so much relief in many applications, probably because we are constantly overcharged in our time, that you should not give up this opportunity.
  • Dr. Clark has frequency ranges specified for many strains in their lists, which can be covered for optimum effect by the sweep function.
  • For a deeper range of frequencies, the frequencies should be modulated. (By Alan E. Baklayan, "Gentle Healing with harmonic vibrations ... zap your symptoms just go away", p 136 + 137)

There is the Diamond Shield Zapper Professional What difference?

The Diamond Shield Professional Zapper is a frequency device, intended for professional therapists. He is programmable and can create custom Sequencies and save them on Master Chipcards. The patients can then use it at home with the normal Diamond Shield IE Zapper.

What is the Diamond shield?

Protect is daily exposed to a variety of harmful influences from the environment, which we can not escape your health with a protective shield our bodies. How nice it would of thought of a protective shell that you create, and could thus protect themselves from the pathogenic influences.Well, a natural armor actually exists in the form of an energetic network of meridians in our body, but he has due to excessive exposure to the hustle and bustle of today's time to lose functionality müssen.Angeschlagene Meridian Armor

The energetic system of meridians that flow to the body surface has exactly this task it is to protect us from external influences.

The incredibly finely branched system of meridians running along the body surface and allows the life energy qi to flow freely in their tracks. This safety net is comparable to the Iron Shirt a suit of armor, which is known to had the task to fend off blows or strokes as possible and to protect the body from injury so. However, this turns out to be not safeguard given unlimited durable: If the chain mail every day maltreated with a large number of blows to gradually form cracks and chips in the tissue. Thus then missing in some places compounds, but they are necessary to a full-body protection to offer. Rust is caused by weather conditions (loads).

In such a state of disrepair is also our meridian system: The shield is degenerated to its minimum functions.

The idea of the problem of "flagging" shield by strengthening the meridian system to counteract is not new - especially in Chi Gung and in Chinese martial arts have always been tempted by exercise to strengthen and clean the meridian system to obtain so that ultimately the ideal of a diamond body can be obtained at the rebound all forms of harmful influences normal.

Why do I need constant current control?

For those who are technically not quite as adept:
All zapper on the market, measure the voltage at which the application will, in volts.

The problem is:
The V-number depends strongly on the skin resistance, ie on the individual humidity and conductivity of every person and of the moistening of the electrodes!

After a few minutes the electrodes and hands are usually dry, or on the contrary - you start to sweat. The difference between the beginning and the running application is not negligible. You can at least be several volts! The voltage, which was initially set to be ideal is not maintained. They begin to perk up with 8 volts and not get with that after a few minutes here actually flow only 3 volts or even less ... If you work with weak intensities, eg., In the range of 1.5 volts, it may, after pass a few minutes, that here no measurable current flows more! This often explains why the correct frequencies and chip cards leave you with no success.

And now the sensation: constant current at Diamond Shield of current flow in amperes is set and not in volts. So if you, for example, Set 30 milliamps, this current flow is maintained constant - regardless of whether the skin or electrodes are wet or dry over time. They can even be observed on the display, how the voltage changes (automatic adjustment) during the flow of current (amps display) remains constant.
It is thus ensured that the application is also successful. 

What are micro-currents?

With micro currents voltages are meant far below one volt:
It is commonly known that the human mind from the belief "more is too much" is marked. In biology, but in fact it rarely applies and the effect even reversed very often the opposite. Think for example of hormone-distributions, the right amount -winzige- is vital, more can lead to absolute disaster ...
Naturopaths AE Baklayan fell at his bioenergetic testing again and again that in the supporting programs, ie the so-called "comfort - programs harmonica Lischen vibrations" showed better results, extremely low voltages (less than one volt). Less was here more often.
He began working with voltages below one volt and was surprised that the effects were partly actually stronger than the usual 2.2 to 15 volts, which were often used.
He then used these low voltages systematically and found that his patients a much more intensive effect felt than usual.

The Arndt-Schultz law states: "Weak stimulation raises the physiological activity and suppressed very strong stimulation or destroyed activity".

Mr. Baklayan has observed in his practice, that the application of electrical Clark and Rife frequencies for controlling parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungal infections always best worked the maximum stresses. In regulation, Heilungstedenzen and detoxification, however, the micro-currents were far superior!

Until now, the lowest voltage value (more accurate measurements in the test laboratory showed that the lowest value at 1.3 volts was, in spite of 1 volt on the display) was at Zappers 1 volt so sometimes much too high.
The new Diamond Shield Zapper IE has been designed so that it is adjustable - up to 0.1 volts.

For this reason, it is legitimate to refer to the Diamond Shield Zapper IE first healthy and beautiful device.

What's Plate Zapping?

In contrast to the "normal" Zapping - in which it adjoins two hand electrodes or wristbands and the current at the set rate program flows through the body - a metal plate at the "Plate Zapping" into the feeding current path between connected to the appropriate vials and drop can be defined as a carrier of filter information.

Earthing wit the Diamond Shield Frequency Generator

One of the most fascinating discoveries in natural medicine in the last  couple of years was  the topic of earthing.

More precisely, the rediscovery, as it quickly reminds us of many former forms and recommen- dations of  therapy, for  example “Kneipp therapy” which requires patients to walk on  grass barefoot. It was  a sustainable mistake, that we  partially overlooked this  problem in  a world that is more and more “insulated”; “insulated” in  the electrical sense, of  course. A world in which the use  of electricity is more and more taken for  granted and we  hardly take note of it anymore.

For a better understanding of the problem, we  need the following important information: Due to insulated floors and shoes, we  are charged with static electricity which hardly ever discharges and which is hardly able to discharge.

By using and laying an increasing amount of  electric cables or  by  electrical devices that are switched to standby at night or  by  many other  similar things we  constantly find ourselves within a measurable voltage field, which is in the range of 7,5V in facilities.
With every metre off  the ground, static voltage increases by  200V.  Now, if you  estimate one floor to be 4 metres high, you  will get the following calculation: 4 x 200V = 800V. Consequently, somebody living in the 3rd  floor would be exposed to 3 x 800V, which makes 2400V.

There are  positive and negative electrons. The positive electrons are  the “bad guys”,  which  behave much like radicals, and therefore need to be destroyed by scavengers.The negative electrons are  the “good guys” and we need them. For example the so-called earthing energy known from Qigong. In the experiments of  Mr.  Baklayan, patients who were highly electrically charged responded to earthing very well and therefore frequency therapy was much more effective on them. At the end of a zapper therapy, it was even better for the patients to for up 50 minutes. Basically, we  are  like vessels  that are  overloaded with electrical charge and that must be  emptied before they can take up new information.

Users  of the  zapper needs to be earthed and remain earthed afterwards. But at the  same time, the  user  should not  be earthed while receiving the good information, meaning the  IMPULSE.

The Impulse-Discharge-Therapy was  born! That  is what the "I" and the "E" stand for  in Diamond Shield  IE. (In German language "E" stands for "Entladung" and means "Discharge").

This product is protected by the utility model. This makes the Diamond Shield  Zapper IE unique  on the market.

Various experiments on earthing showed a very interesting phenomenon:

Every time, the zapper was used and the patient was earthed afterwards, the results would always enhance while earthing and did so in a speed that was utterly uncommon. Patients who were highly electrically charged responded to earthing very well and therefore frequency therapy was much more effective on them. At the end of a zapper therapy, it was better for the patients to remain earthed.

A revolution was soon to come.

Basically, we are like vessels that are overloaded with electrical charge and that must be emptied before they can take up new information. At the time this new information is fed, it would be better to continue discharging while the good negative electrons are being charged. Thus, the user of the zapper needs to be earthed and remain earthed afterwards. At the same time, the user should not be earthed while receiving the information, meaning the IMPULSE.

All the patient needs to do is plug the special earthing power outlet into any power outlet. (Attention: Power outlets need to be checked first to see whether they are actually earthed.)

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5 from 5 Good and improved version from the DS Zapper

With the crystal program with the zapper, it is convenient to have all the programs into one.

., 08.07.2019

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