Diamond Shield Frequency Generator

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The next generation of Electronic Frequency Therapy

We are on the verge of a revolution in Zapper technology, as possible applications have reached the the next level. If you have relished the pleasant effect of conventional zappers and have also let your clients and customers feel this experience, we are proud to present to you the Diamond Shield IE – the next generation of zappers.

You, your family and your clients will perceive the soothing effect at once. The enhancements are absolutely stunning. The systematics behind it is as regular as clockwork.

Zapper IE

according to Baklayan, Clark, Rife, Beck, TENS and much more...

Using the latest developments in soft- and hardware technology the Diamond Shield IE in short has the following features:

Diamond Shield Program

  • Impulse and Discharge treatment
  • Earthing Modulation Micro-Currents
  • Automatic skin resistance measurement
  • Zapper IE

Nowadays, it will also be hard to find a device of the new generation, which has so much more functions than previous models, but still is offered at the same price.

The Diamond Shield IE has already integrated a set of 15 standard programs containing the classical frequencies according to Clark, Rife, Beck and Baklayan as well as Zappicator and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) programs.

Additionally, it can be controlled with chip card drivers and so the Diamond Shield IE can cover almost all frequencies spectra from every known frequency table. This indeed is completely new as well!

For feeling energetic and healty every day

Can you imagine that there is something that can protect you from the thousands of sickening outside influ- ences, which affect you every day?

Can you imagine to conquer back your vitality, so that it can shine in new splendour like a diamond that has been well-polished and whose crystalline structure brilliantly reflects its sparkle?

Can you imagine that all the minor ailments that trouble you every day will gradually go by and become a thing of the past with you not even remembering to have suffered from them for years?

By adhering to two independent principles, which are really easy to obey, you can achieve this crystal clear result.

The first principle, that we like to outline, can be subsumed in one single word:

What is a charge?
A charge is every unprocessed burden or information on a physical, psychological (and further) levels.

Each charge has to store itself as a separate mini-field in the body until it is processed and dissolved. The mini-field, situated in the tissue, is electromagnetic.

Every environmental toxin the body is exposed to and which it cannot process is stored in tissue or organs and produces a charge as well.

If you are angry at someone and are tensed up (charged) for example, it will also be stored in the tissue until it gets processed.

In our modern consumer society, we are so overcharged at all levels that it will hardly be possible to list all relevant items.


Starting with...

  • the flood of information via all forms of media
  • rapid changes in society
  • people worrying about the development of global economy for years
  • copious quantities of toxins, which are produced by the industries every year
  • air pollution
  • water pollution
  • negative professional stress
  • high standards in terms of outward appearance, success, social and professional life
  • very high demands on modern relationships

The list is incomplete by far...
However, each and every item listed produces more charges than nature has ever intended for a single human being.

Have we ever paused to ask ourselves what this means for the psychological and physical adaptability and regulation of our body?

Of course we cannot escape from all these influences as we live in this world, in this time and therefore have to cope with it.

Thus, the solution must and can only be to discharge.

But, if we manage to discharge most of the ailments simply and effortlessly, the whole system would be able to take over regulatory processes again and can so regain its former vitality.

But how? How can someone discharge quickly and effortlessly?

Before answering this question, we must explain the second principle:

At the very beginning, we asked the question:

Can you imagine that there is something that can protect you from the thousands of sickening outside influences, which affect you every day?

Well, amazingly enough, there already is such a system in the body, but it has become inactive! Nature has taken precautions and has equipped us with a wonderful energetic network of meridians.

The energetic network of meridians, which flow along the surface, has exactly this purpose: To protect us from pathogenic outside influences.

It is a delicately woven net that protects the body's surface just like the iron shirt of a knight's armour that could fend off stabs and slashes.

If, however, too many slashes hit the armour every day the tissue gets ripped and ties will be lacking at some spots

This is exactly the condition our protection, our shield has degenerated into.

In Chinese martial arts and Qigong, the aim of training has always been to strengthen and purify this meridi- an system in such a way that a diamant body will be the result and even blows and strokes are unable to harm a trained person.

Therefore, all we need are two things:
Regular discharge and a functioning diamant protective shield.

What connects these two principles?

At this point we need to let you in on one of the secrets of the marvel that is our body:
Every meridian transports and regulates all charges of an organ and so functions as an energetic representa- tive and functional circle of this organ. It is the network that feeds everything and dispatches all that is super- fluous.

Thus, if we succeed in giving the meridian system the right IMPULSE by its own oscillations on a daily basis and DISCHARGE it at the same time, we will have obtained the desired results. Think of the freshwater and wastewater system (meridian system) in a building. The system supplies the building with fresh water and flushes away all the dirt and scraps out into the sewers. If this system is heavily blocked and the usual methods just do not work anymore, the plumber has to use a shaker (Diamond Shield Zapper), which cleans the pipes by vibration. The dirt, chalk and much more that was shaken off the inner surface of the pipes is then transferred on to the sewers (earth).

If the frequency matches exactly that of the material, all dirt can be removed. A frequency too high will not work and neither does a frequency too low.

Where does all the dirt (charges) go when it has been removed? Well, where do all discharges of nature go to?

It just is as easy as that!

Thus, all we need to do is let the meridians swing in their own frequency, meaning to let the
Diamond Shield Zapper do its work.

In this way, all dirt within the body is removed and flushed out Impulse and by earthing ourselves we can get rid of these charges Discharge

Now all meridians can take up their nourishing and harmonising function again, stimulated by the frequencies of the Diamond Shield.

These principles belong to a single treatment which can easily be performed in less than 7 minutes!

And the best thing, you could do this yourself at home while sitting on the couch and watching TV, reading a book, meditating or having a good time in some other way, and your health is meanwhile significantly improving.


As you can imagine, it was quite obvious to expand this treatment to all other areas:


One of the most fascinating discoveries in natural medicine in the last couple of years was the topic of earthing.

More precisely, the rediscovery, as it quickly reminds us of many former forms and recommen- dations of therapy, for example "Kneipp therapy" which requires patients to walk on grass barefoot. It was a sustainable mistake, that we partially overlooked this problem in a world that is more and more "insulated"; "insulated" in the electrical sense, of course. A world in which the use of electricity is more and more taken for granted and we hardly take note of it anymore.

For a better understanding of the problem, we need the following important information: Due to insulated floors and shoes, we are charged with static electricity which hardly ever discharges and which is hardly able to discharge.

By using and laying an increasing amount of electric cables or by electrical devices that are switched to standby at night or by many other similar things we constantly find ourselves within a measurable voltage field, which is in the range of 7,5V in facilities.
With every metre off the ground, static voltage increases by 200V. Now, if you estimate one floor to be 4 metres high, you will get the following calculation: 4 x 200V = 800V. Consequently, somebody living in the 3rd floor would be exposed to 3 x 800V, which makes 2400V.

There are positive and negative electrons. The positive electrons are the "bad guys", which behave much like radicals, and therefore need to be destroyed by scavengers.

The negative electrons are the "good guys" and we need them. For example the so-called earthing energy known from Qigong.

In the experiments of Mr. Baklayan, patients who were highly electrically charged responded to earthing very well and therefore frequency therapy was much more effective on them. At the end of a zapper therapy, it was even better for the patients to for up 50 minutes.

Basically, we are like vessels that are overloaded with electrical charge and that must be emptied before they can take up new information.

Users of the zapper needs to be earthed and remain earthed afterwards. But at the same time, the user should not be earthed while receiving the good information, meaning the IMPULSE.

The Impulse-Discharge-Therapy was born! That is what the "I" and the "E" stand for in Diamond
Shield IE. (In German language "E" stands for "Entladung" and means "Discharge").

This product is protected by the utility model. This makes the Diamond Shield Zapper IE unique on the market.

All customers and patients need to do is to plug the special earthing power plug into any power outlet.
(ATTENTION: It is advisable to check power outlets first to see whether they are actually earthed or

One of the major problems in zapping was that the electric current always flows on the surface and never takes the direct way. This is the reason why a lot of zappers, even if conducted correctly and working with the correct frequencies, cannot deliver what they promise.
This problem can be solved by modulating the frequencies.

What does that mean?
If a frequency, for example, 100Hz (it means that the wave switches from positive to negative 100 times per second), hits the skin, it reverses its polarity 100 times per second and so evades the electri- cal resistance of the skin. If the 100Hz are modulated with another frequency of 10 Hz for example, it means that the device switches off and on 10 times per second and penetrates deep into the skin through the previously broken skin resistance each time in this tenth of a second.

The effects we perceived were four times stronger than those of all other known treatments.

All frequencies of the Diamond Shield Program and most of the chip card drivers are modulated.

Micro-currents: A new dimension of regulation

Micro-currents are called voltages which are far below one volt.

In our thinking, it is difficult to let go of the idea: "more is better". This statement might be rare in biology. Normally the effect is reversed very often into the opposite. To give just one example: Let's think of hormone distributions, the right – tiny little – quantity is vital, more leads to absolute disas- ters.

Mr. Baklayan started working with voltages below one volt and found out that some of the effects were stronger than with the usually used 2.2 to 15 volts. He applied these low voltages systemati- cally and achieved unbelievable results. The effects were much more intense than usual!

Until now, the lowest voltage level for zappers was at 1 volt.
The new Diamond Shield Zapper IE has been designed so that it is adjustable down to 0.1 volts.

Especially in the area of relaxation combined with corresponding frequencies, there is a profound effect, which could not be achieved with intensities greater than one volt.

Therefore, the Diamond Shield IE is the first Zapper, which can rightly be used as relaxation and wellness device.

Furthermore, we were able to increase the exploitation of the battery and to generate voltages up to 16 volts, so that in this region a greater efficiency can be achieved, too.

Many users want to control not only single frequencies, but have the ability to cover frequency areas to achieve an even more intense effect.

The Diamond Shield IE is able to wobble, which means to cover frequency areas and to move up and down these areas to get the best effects possible.

Especially if you go to the Clark- or Rife- tables, this can be very important.

Automatic skin resistance measurement

As you know, the skin resistance of a patient or customer depends on a variety of different aspects such as condition of the skin, its level of moisture or its hair-growth for example. Even during the application with the Zapper the resistance of the skin is constantly changing.

To get the best effects the flow of the current has to be adjusted even to the slightest change of the skin resistance.

The Diamond Shield IE constantly measures the resistance of the skin and adjusts the necessary flow of the electrical current so the applied frequencies can operate the way they are supposed to.

Imagine devices that do not have this function! They cannot adapt to changing circumstances.The skin resistance weakens the electric flow and the effects of the applied frequencies.

This feature is another foundation of the effectiveness of the Diamond Shield IE!

All the new functions of the Diamond Shield IE create a completely new system of regulating, detoxifying, prevention and protection!

The DIAMOND SHIELD is the first universal frequency treatment, which rebalances the complete energetic structure (meridian system) and restores regulation.

What you will be wondering about the most, is that the price has remained the same compared to previous models!

Of course, there also is a version of the Diamond Shield IE intended for therapists: the Diamond Shield Professional.

The device can produce chip card drivers in the established manner. Using the ten-key pad, the user can conveniently type in all frequencies

To sum it up you can definitely say, the Diamond Shield IE and the Diamond Shield Professional in their classes are UNIQUE DEVICES on the market.

  • In their variety of possible applications
  • In their effectivity and speed of applications
  • In their technical precision
  • In their price

Do not miss out on this opportunity and try it yourself. You will feel the difference!

Best regards,
Your Biocenter24.com