What is Frequency Therapy?

Frequency therapy was invented in the 1930s by a maverick scientist from San Diego named Royal Raymond Rife. Rife believed that radio waves set to the right frequency could destroy different kinds of viruses and bacteria in much the same way that opera singers can shatter glass with their singing voices. Rife determined which radio frequencies - he called them mortal oscillatory rates, or MORs - could kill which disease-causing organisms. By tuning a machine he invented called the Rife Frequency Generator to the right frequency, Rife believed he could target and kill different bacteria and viruses. According to Barry Lynes’s The Cancer Cure That Worked: Fifty Years of Suppression (Marcus sites, 1987), government agents destroyed Rife’s records on behalf of the medical establishment in the 1950s!
Royal Raymond Rife and the Rife ray treatment (as frequency therapy is sometimes known) have all the trappings of an X-Files episode, but a handful of people in alternative medicine consider Rife a misunderstood genius. Several clinics offer frequency therapy. Rife frequency generators are marketed under a bunch of different names: the TINS machine, the Zapper, and others. The machine can be purchased over the Internet and used by patients in their homes.
A typical Frequency therapy includes diagnosing, and harmonizing (balancing the needed frequencies) treatments. In the first meeting, the therapist can perform an overall diagnosis (which may last for more than an hour), or a specific diagnosis based on the patient's symptoms (which lasts around 10-15 minutes). The patient is connected to the bio-resonance device via wrist/leg electrodes, or can lie down on a special sheet (which consists of several electrodes). The diagnosis output includes a list of frequency groups that require harmonizing. Some therapists discuss this list with the patient in order to better understand the source of symptoms. Harmonizing is performed using the same electrodes, and can be initiated even during the diagnosis session. During the treatment, the patient may sense light energy flows on some parts of the body.
Here are some of the Frequency therapy advantages:
  • This method was studied and approved by the health administration of several countries (Germany for example), and currently in use by medical doctors.
  • In the new devices, the harmonizing mechanism is not based on electricity - hence treatment can be given also to pregnant women and heart patients.
  • Bio-resonance can heal fairly quick many types of disease.
  • The treatment is not invasive/ painful (hence it is welcomed by children).
  • The treatment is performed on a few levels in parallel: physical, emotional, and mental. This makes this therapy a very effective method.
  • The list of balanced frequencies can be charged into a physical object such as a bottle of water with alcohol, or pills, and the harmonizing effect remains active for up to 2 weeks. The patient can use the water/pills to balance himself between therapy treatments.
  • In many cases the treatment is energizing and relaxing.
  • Since disease is reflected first in the mental/emotional levels (and only then in the physical body), many times this method can diagnose and heal illness even before it reaches the physical body.
Frequency therapy is becoming more popular in the last few years. One of the reasons may be that patients are less satisfied with the conventional medical treatment. Patients find that the conventional treatment suffer from the following: several side effects, in many cases - does not resolve the source of problem, too painful, and sometimes too expensive. As described above, the Frequency therapy, referred to also as "the medicine of the future", is certainly one of the most effective solutions to patients' troubling symptoms nowadays.
Frequency therapy is difficult to administer. No procedure for administering it has been established. We include it in this site as a sort of benchmark. If you are riding the hamster wheel of alternative medicine and you have begun to consider frequency therapy, we
respectfully suggest that your journey has taken you to the far fringes of alternative medicine and perhaps it is time to follow ET’s example and “come home.” Whatever its merits in the eyes of some people, the Rife Frequency Generator has not demonstrated any large-scale efficacy against gastrointestinal disorders.
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