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Differences between the Zappers :

Diamond Shield IE:

Innovations coming with the new Diamond Shield Zapper:

  • Wobble
  • Sided wobble (programmable with Trikombin)
  • Micro currents (up to 0.1 volts)
  • Constant current control
  • Modulating: 2- to 254-fold modulation
  • Pulse discharge
  • by pulse setting and discharge into the earth the effectiveness of all programs is increased by 3 times.
  • Harmonic oscillations after Baklayan
  • Relaxation and well-being at all levels
  • Diamond Shield: The shield for your well-being
  • Regulation, harmonization, activation of all meridians in 8 minutes
  • Of the precursor programs all the frequencies are modulated and reinforced their effectiveness
  • Grounding (extra ground wire optional in our Shop)
  • Modulation playable
  • Modulation and continuously variable sweep in combination
  • Constant current measurement
  • Frequencies by Clark, Rife, Beck and Baklayan playable
  • frequencies up to 2 megahertz playable
  • Generating frequencies in the low frequency range up to 0.5 Hz Depth
  • up to 16 volts maximum voltage
  • Alert Beep can be switched off
  • All forerunners have been modulated by each frequencies and thus respective effectivity increased
  • Menu languages: German, English

Diamond Shield Professional:

The Diamond Shield Professional offers the same features as the Diamond Shield IE, as well as the following enhancements:

  • Save the determinded therapy frequencies on Chipcards
  • save up to 20 patient-specific bio-frequencies with the Diamond Shield Professional on a Master-Chipcard
  • The patient can apply this individual Chipcard at home with his Diamond Shield Zapper IE
  • Chipcards can be reprogrammed any time

Biowave 21 / Biowave - Golden Stream / Biowave Golden Harmony

The Biowave LCD 21 is adapted for many diseases such as:

  • Menstrual pain Irritable bladder
  • Migraine headaches
  • Back pain · Low back pain · Sciatica
  • Joint pain caused by inflammatory joint diseases , such as Arthritis, osteoarthritis , Lyme disease , etc.
  • Pain during labor and birth
  • Pain after surgery or injury
  • nerve pain
  • Circulatory disorders ( vascular conditions)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Rheumatic complaints

Specifications of Bio Wave 21 LCD :

  • 2-line display Zapper
  • easy to operate
  • Modes in the basic equipment :
  • Organic frequencies of chip card playable
  • 3 x 7 minutes with 20 minute break
  • 2 hours of continuous operation
  • 1KHz for zappicator
  • plus several additional programs zapper
  • Bio - Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz
  • Chip cards available for different indications
  • Output voltage of the zapper adjustable from 1 volt to 15 volts , regardless of the battery voltage
  • NEW! Positive offset of 0.25 V residual voltage
  • Certified medical device class IIa

Summary :

  • only plays pre-installed programs and programmed ChipCards
  • own frequencies cant be programmed

Biowave 77 Standard Version:

contains the same functions as the Biowave 21 and in addition :

  • including Chipcard Top 100 : 100 key frequencies to treat
  • load given frequencies of Database-Chipcards
  • save your own frequencies , frequency range: 1 Hz to 1 MHz + time
  • it can be stored up to 5 frequencies in the device - they will be lost when you turn the Biowave off
  • Master Chipcards cant be programmed

Biowave 77 including Chipcard Upgrade:

contains the same functions as the Biowave 21/77 and in addition :

  • a built-in smart card programmer (chip card upgrade)
  • MasterChipcards can be programmed with up to 30 separate frequencies
  • this programmed Master Chipcards can be played in all 21 Biowave devices

BioCen Zapper:

According to the findings of Dr. Clark and many MDs and alternative practitioners, the ZAPPER is, through its pulsed square wave signal, able to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus in the body, or at least to weaken them and significantly reduce their number.

While keeping to the simple concept of a circuit diagram as published by Dr. Clark, our appliance has been considerably improved. The principle of functioning has been adhered to.

  • The frequency of the generated square wave signal is not constant, but varies all the time. A total of 26 frequencies within a scale of appr. 10 kHz to 41 kHz is generated. For a general view of frequencies see table & 5.2.
  • Easy application of the device is done by using one push button for switching on and off; switching off also automatically and time-controlled.
  • For very sensitive persons, the voltage level can be reduced and adjusted to continuously variable between appr. 2% and 100 %.
  • The green control lamp lights up only when you hold both electrodes in your hands (= contact) so that the current can flow at a determined voltage level.
  • Optical and audible control of the function.
  • The duration of the treatment is measured. Automatic deactivation occurs after 7 minutes, accompanied by signal tone.
  • In case of a short circuit of the electrodes, the device switches off automatically, accompanied by a warning signal. A sudden discharge of the battery is prevented.
  • Continuous monitoring of the battery voltage.
  • Battery: commercially available 9 Volt standard battery recommended.
  • Marked plus pole cable.
  • Detachable hand electrodes made of polished brass, alternatively gilded.
  • Reliable safety plugs according to standard for the connection of the hand electrodes.
  • Case made of synthetic plastic, durable lining for storing and safe transport of the appliance.
  • The ZAPPER is registered as medical appliance of Class IIa, in compliance with the requirements of the EU-directive 93/42/EWG and the German Law of Medical Products.


ZAPGEN is a small, battery-operated generator, which generates precise, digital sinus frequencies in the range of 1 Hz - 999 kHz.

This allows a targeted fighting of viruses, bacteria and fungi through the correct frequencies, f.e. according to Rife, Beck or Dr. Clark, all scientists who are responsible for making frequency generating internationally well-known. This device which is easy to operate enables the user to store up to 50 frequencies as one programme, and then to retrieve them by a single touch of the button. 

    * Maximum output voltage 12 V, can be varied continuous from 2% (ca. 0.24 V) to 100% (ca. 12 V)
    * Adjustable auto power-off after 1-9 minutes
    * Optical and acousatical function control (for sufficient contact & current flow)
    * Check of battery level
    * Dimensions (ca.) 110 mm x 60 mm x 22 mm

In addition, the device offers a wobble-function which counteracts minor frequency fluctuations regarding parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Experience shows that the accuracy of zapping is increased by wobbling and the integration of the adjacent frequencies in the range of ±3% is sufficient.

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